Last Call: Finally, A Drunk Emoji!

Okay, technically Emojipedia calls the drunk emoji "woozy face" or "face with uneven eyes and wavy mouth," but we all know it's the symbol that conveys "I just pounded four sangrias and left a voicemail for my ex." Previously, you'd have to use red wine emoji + drool emoji + green-face sick emoji to get the same point across. This is a simple, welcome addition—way more important, frankly, than the new kangaroo emoji. [Kate Bernot]

David S. Pumpkins still rules

Hard to believe that it was two whole years ago that David S. Pumpkins first arrived on the scene to insert such a happy, bizarre element into our favorite holiday. I can't even count how many times I've watched this Saturday Night Live short, but it still never fails to crack me up. And it even has a legit scare at the end. On today of all days, take a few minutes to give "Haunted Elevator" a well-deserved rewatch. And as the dancing skeletons say, Happy Halloween! [Gwen Ihnat]