Last Call: Don't Be The Dope Who Misses The Harvest Moon

Public service announcement for dopes like me who always want to see nature spectacles and always miss them: Get outside tonight! Although tells me that I missed the full Harvest Moon last night (classic), tonight should be pretty close. Whether you want to sing a Neil Young song while you're watching is up to you. [Gwen Ihnat]

My favorite brewery discovery in Denver

Okay, I promise I'll stop writing about my trip last week to Denver's Great American Beer Festival—starting tomorrow. But I want to share one last recommendation from my trip: Hogshead Brewery. Needing a break from the beer-craziness of the downtown area, a friend and I took a quick jaunt to Hogshead, a brewery that focuses on traditional British ales like milds, ESBs, and English pale ales. And they have beers on cask! (Be still my heart.) The patio is lovely; the service is friendly; I can't say enough about how wonderful a respite this was. [Kate Bernot]