Last Call: Do You Eat On The Couch?

Y'all know I love a PR stunt. Bring me your tired, your weary, your Whataburger-branded cowboy boots and eerie robotic Reese's Peanut Butter Cup dispensers. Today, I learned of the Stunt of All Stunts: the Velveeta Quesofa, a partnership with the Miami Dolphins that will allow lucky fans to view the team's December 20 game against the New England Patriots in style from inside Hard Rock Stadium. A press release explains that the Quesofa is "positioned for the perfect view of the field" and includes "everything you need to take your game-viewing experience to cheesy new heights." That includes a built-in personal queso warmer complete with plenty of Velveeta refills, as well as nacho pillows "poised for comfort." I'd like to reiterate: this couch has a built-in queso dispenser. This, friends, is a Snacking Couch.

Velveeta has more info if you'd like to enter the contest. But in the meantime, all this Quesofa talk has me wondering: where do you eat? I have a dining room table, but I kick back on my beloved sectional for nearly every meal. My brother scarfs down most meals while hovered over the kitchen counter, and my dad eats his morning Chex in his easy chair so he can sneak pieces to the dogs. Are you one of those people who insists that meals belong at the dining room table? Or do you eat your Quesoftshell crab slumped over in bed? Do you have special rules for eating on the couch, like only during football games or designated movie nights? There's no right or wrong answer, but I am curious.