Last Call: Couple's Dunkin' Drive-Thru Wedding Is Sweeter Than A Maple Glazed

"Our story wasn't glamour, but it was true romance." That's how Sugar Good, a Dunkin' manager in Edmond, Oklahoma, described her recent wedding to John Thompson—a wedding that took place entirely in the Dunkin' drive-thru, because that's where the couple met.

The New York Times has the whole story in the Mini-Vows column, and it's worth an entire month's NYT subscription fee just to access this sweet tale of love and fast food. Thompson was a Dunkin' regular, and Good would chat with him each morning as she handed him his usual order of a sausage, egg, and cheese croissant with coffee. The chemistry was palpable and Thompson knew he wanted to get to know his server better, but he didn't even know her name. Or at least he thought he didn't. As he told the Times, he consulted his receipt to see if it was printed there, but he just assumed "Sugar No. 7" was a reference to the fact that his coffee had sugar in it.

Eventually, Good handed off her business card with Thompson's usual order, and the first phone call came soon after. The fortysomethings hit it off, just as they both suspected they would. First date? Miniature golf. Marriage proposal? Right in the Dunkin' parking lot at 3 a.m. when Thompson dropped Good off for her morning shift one day this past April. And it was only natural that they'd want to get married right in the drive-thru where it all began; as Good explained to the Times, "We knew we wanted to share it with the Dunkin' family."

Seriously, go get yourself behind the NYT paywall and see these pictures for yourself. The attire was casual, the crowd full of unsuspecting drive-thru customers, and the couple couldn't have been happier about it. Free doughnuts were supplied to all in attendance. It's exactly the sort of story you want to end your week with.

Do you and your significant other share a special fast food joint? Is there a fluorescent-lit dining room somewhere that has your heart—somewhere you might even want to tie the knot?