Last Call: Could Kosher Bacon Exist?

In a fascinating piece over at The New York Times today, Nathaniel Popper investigates a question I'll admit I'd never considered: Could lab-grown meat be certified kosher? And, as a corollary, could kosher bacon one day exist? The scientific and ethical issues the rabbis must consider when making such decisions get even more complicated when we're talking about meat from a lab rather than a slaughterhouse. [Kate Bernot]

“Shallow” from A Star Is Born

Extremely psyched for the opening on A Star Is Born this week; I hear good things, like it may even be able to wipe the horror of the 1976 version out of the cinematic memory, so am looking forward. To tide me over for a few more days, I've watched this video, of the first song off of the soundtrack, "Shallow," a bit too many times. [Gwen Ihnat]