Last Call: Chubby Squirrels, A Boilermaker Bonanza, And A Cheeseburger Magic Trick

A Boilermaker Bonanza!

Oh, how I love me a good boilermaker. Usually that takes the form of a Four Roses Small Batch and a Tecate, but I also recognize that there is a burgeoning field of more creative boilermakers out there. This Punch article rounds up some intriguing ones, including mezcal and cider; and Averna and IPA. I love Amaro Nonino as an after-dinner sip, so who has a beer back suggestion for it? [Kate Bernot]


Meet the chubby squirrels of Chicago

The squirrels of Chicago are looking very... well fed as of late. And for good reason, according to the Chicago Sun-Times: "Squirrels are fatter than ever right now. They don't have a [famed Chicago weatherman] Tom Skilling to talk to them about the weather; they need to get ready for winter, and the best way to store calories is on themselves," squirrel expert Steve Sullivan told the paper. While it's healthy for them to scarf bird seed mix, they are typical Chicagoans and like to have a slice every now and then. [Jen Sabella]


Cheeseburger magic trick

No preamble necessary. Just watch. [Kevin Pang]