Last Call: Behold, The Jerkiest CEO Memos Of All Time

Oh, you think your boss is a tight-ass? The fantastic website—and now book—Letters Of Note unearthed these gems from former Houston-based Tiger Oil CEO Edward Mike Davis. (Note to self: Never work for a person with three first names.) They're so deliciously pissed-off and authoritarian, one can only hope they'd never, ever fly in a 2018 workplace. To wit, this memo from January 1978: "Do not speak to me when you see me. If I want to speak to you, I will do so. I want to save my throat. I don't want to ruin it by saying hello to all you sons-of-bitches." So uh, how about those summer Friday hours, Eddie? [Kate Bernot]

Run, don’t walk to the next Foo Fighters show

Here's a way to shake those corporate assholes: Go to a great rock 'n' roll show, like the Foo Fighters' live set. Y'know why I love Dave Grohl so much? Because first and foremost, he's a rock fan. So when he gets the chance to hit the big stage, like at Wrigley Field in Chicago this week, he is not going to leave until he has sufficiently rocked all those tens of thousands of people. I was lucky enough to go to night two, and my summer might have peaked right when Taylor Hawkins sang Queen's "Under Pressure," or when Dave sang the lyrics to Van Halen's "Jump" over the melody of "Imagine." I recommend this concert with my whole heart, and will keep going to see this band until we all resemble the old people in the "Run" video. [Gwen Ihnat].