Last Call: Behold The DuckTales Theme Song In Hindi

“I Left My Body” by They Might Be Giants

I recently reviewed They Might Be Giants' latest album I Like Fun, and I was so happy to discover that they are as great as ever. Case in point: "I Left My Body," as quirky and catchy a song as the twosome ever put out. I'm seeing them in Chicago on Saturday and I can hardly wait: You can have your St. Paddy Day celebrations, I'm just looking forward to the inevitable "Birdhouse In Your Soul" encore. And I'm seeing OMD on Friday. Twenty-four-year-old me is so happy right now. [Gwen Ihnat]


The Rumpus’ Wanted/Needed/Loved column

This installment in The Rumpus' Wanted/Needed/Loved column is about musician Victoria Ruiz's grandmother's "grocery board." It was a wooden list hung in the kitchen in which she could insert pins next to the items needed from the store. As the piece explains, the grocery board was part of Ruiz's grandmother's strategy to navigate written English, which she couldn't read, but it's also just a damn useful idea, if you ask me. [Kate Bernot]


DuckTales theme song in Hindi

The greatest cartoon theme song extant—in Hindi. Woo-hoo! [Kevin Pang]