Last Call: Are You In Or Out On Ketchup Ice Cream?

Ice cream is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts all year long, not just in the summertime. But it's true that throughout the summer, consumers are treated to some of the best ice cream promotions and limited-time offerings. To wit: Heinz recently announced the release of Heinz-Creamz ice cream kits, which according to a press release is "a range of Heinz and ice cream combos that we didn't know we needed until now." Available only in the UK, flavors include ketchup, mayo, salad dressing, barbecue, and "Saucy Sauce" (the superior name for the ketchup/mayo combo).

Shortly after the Heinz-Creamz kits were announced, some varieties, including ketchup, quickly sold out. Maybe all those kits were purchased as gag gifts, or maybe it speaks to a market demand that the freezer aisle isn't dedicating enough space to. After all, did we not already see Oscar Mayer wade into these very waters last year with the Ice Dog Sandwich, featuring candied hot dog bits, hot dog sweet cream, and spicy dijon gelato on a cookie bun?

Savory ice cream is, of course, nothing new; most shops now offer some spin on salted caramel or mix berries with tangy goat cheese in the summertime, and Oregon-based Salt & Straw has a deeply savory olive brittle ice cream on its winter menu that is well worth standing in line for. I've also enjoyed garlic ice cream from San Francisco tourist destination The Stinking Rose, a restaurant dedicated entirely to garlic. That scoop was interesting, though more gimmicky than gastronomical.

Something about ketchup, mustard, and mayo, however, gives me pause. Condiments are funny that way: perfect as a complement to our favorite foods, but absolutely disgusting to consider eating on their own. A spoonful of mayonnaise is unthinkable in a way few other substances on this earth are. So... what's the consensus here? Should Heinz-Creamz make the leap across the pond? Would you pay $20 to make these creations at home?