Last Call: Are Some Foods Strictly Nighttime-Only?

Earlier today, we published a review of the controversial (and delicious) new Everything Bagel flavor from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. Everything Bagel, which is very, very bagel-y indeed, is billed by Jeni's as ice cream suited for "any time of day," including breakfast. Coincidentally, National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is coming up on Saturday, February 6. This got us wondering: should certain foods be restricted to certain times of day? Is ice cream, or other food, best consumed after dark?

Personally, I think life's too short to restrict ice cream habits, but my coworkers do have some designated nighttime foods. Takeout editor-in-chief Marnie Shure has what she describes as "a weirdly long list of nighttime-only foods" like pizza, which she only eats after sundown. My fellow staff writer Allison Robicelli hates eggs at breakfast and lunch, but loves eating them after dark. I can't do poultry for breakfast, but other than that I live life pretty free and easy. What about you? Do you have designated daytime/nighttime foods, or do you live life on the wild side? Please discuss.