Last Call: An Ice Cream Comic, Divorce, And Tap That Ace

Ice Cream Man #1

An existential horror comic centered around an ice cream man? Tell me more! No seriously, has anyone read Image Comics' Ice Cream Man #1? Because I'm intrigued. [Kate Bernot]

Divorce on HBO

More self-promotion: When I'm not writing about food, I am also reviewing Divorce for The A.V. Club. It's a sharp, biting comedy from Catastrophe creator and star Sharon Horgan. Sarah Jessica Parker, who longed for love for so many seasons of Sex And The City as Carrie, now wants nothing more than to rip apart her relationship as Frances, married to Thomas Haden Church's Robert. He's really my favorite part of the series, as he sincerely and heartily says "thanks, but no thanks" to a post-breakup hookup who offers to pee on him. Season two has just kicked off, and Frances and Robert are now officially divorced. But with their kids, their house, and their friends, and despite new blossoming relationships, their lives continue to hilariously overlap in complicated fashion. [Gwen Ihnat]


Tap That Ace

As an unabashed nerd of magic tricks, I'm also a big collector of playing cards—I've got 100-plus decks in my study. It's no surprise I've geeked out to this Instagram feed called Tap That Ace, which collects scores of Ace of Spades designs. [Kevin Pang]