Last Call: A Magical Show, Mezcal, And A Stage Act Using Shaving Cream

Just Add Magic

Season three of Just Add Magic has arrived on Amazon Prime! My kids love this series that's like a domestic Harry Potter with cooking skills. This season, the cookbook full of magic spells gets stolen, and the three best friends discover there are other protectors of the book besides themselves. A few spells/recipes, some middle-school trials and tribulations, and our favorite family watch right now. [Gwen Ihnat]


Mezcal, the book

A recent trip to Mexico involved more mezcal drinking than I expected—in the best way possible. Seeking a deeper dive into this still-quite-artisanal spirit, I'm enjoying Emma Janzen's book Mezcal. It's conversational but still contains a great intro to the spirit, from how its made to how to use it in cocktails. You can also read this intro to the spirit from Takeout contributor Andrew Gill. [Kate Bernot]


A shaving cream act

Here's magician Michael Carbonaro on French television performing a stage act—it's not magic—using only shaving cream. Judge for yourself. [Kevin Pang]