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Last Call: A German Wild West Board Game And New Neutrogena

Colt Express

Nerd alert: I've gotten a bit more into board games this winter, since my backyard is a frozen tundra and scraping ice off the car to leave the house seems a Sisyphean task. I've recently discovered Colt Express, a German board game set in the (American) Wild West—complete with cardboard cacti—the object of which is to rob a train of jewels and money. It's sort of strategic, but definitely not on an Agricola level, and it can be played through in about 30 minutes, tops. Any other recommendations for games of this skill level/time frame? Oh and check back next week for updates on my pet rock, probably.


Neutrogena’s Fresh Plum

I don't have many extravagances, but I am a total sucker for high-priced hand soaps and body washes. Lots of times this habit sees me ordering indulgent products from the Philosophy line with flavors like coconut frosting or apple cider, depending on the season. So I was pleased to discover this new find at Costco (you can also find it at CVS and Target): Neutrogena's new Fresh Plum flavor. Scandal's Kerry Washington, who's a Neutrogena spokesperson as well as a "creative consultant," helped develop this particular body wash scent, which is perfect for this time of year. It's fruity, but also deeply lush and floral; it's also about half the price of the body washes I order online, not even counting saving the delivery fee. But I'm not sure how long this Neutrogena limited edition will be around, so I plan on stocking up for the duration.