What Is Both An Old Testament Plague And A Pizza Topping?

We make lemonade from lemons, we take a pestilence of grasshoppers and turn it into pizza. This is the spirit of ingenuity through which humanity has thrived for millennia.

In case you weren't aware, Las Vegas is currently dealing with massive swarms of grasshoppers, the likely result of unseasonably heavy rainfall. There are so many grasshoppers in Vegas right now that the swarms are visible on weather radar:

And they make it look like this outside:

Needless to say, it's a rough time for entomophobes living in the Las Vegas area. However, local pizzeria Evel Pie (named for the legendary stuntman, of course) has decided to spin what appears to be an omen of the End Times into a piece of unorthodox marketing. Behold Evel's latest menu offering, the Canyon Hopper:

To be fair, a grasshopper pizza "sounds nasty" through the prism of most American palates; they're considered normal fare in other parts of the world. While "lime and garlic grasshopper" might be meant to shock a little bit in this instance, The Takeout is pro-unusual food in basically every sense, and that sounds like something that we'd love to at least taste test, given the chance.

It also raises a few questions about how the Canyon Hopper is being prepared; we prefer to imagine that only the finest grasshoppers shoveled off cars and rooftops are being seasoned and served. Due to health concerns, sadly, we doubt that's the case. The Canyon Hopper remains available "while supplies last," and we'll be keeping an eye out for hail and total darkness sweeping over Vegas in the days and weeks to come.