Lamar Jackson And Ravens Go On Quest For Banana Pudding

Okay, okay, we all know that the Baltimore Ravens and their fans had their collective heart broken yesterday when the Ravens lost to the Titans in the NFL playoffs. But that was not Lamar Jackson's first disappointment of the weekend.


On Friday afternoon, the Baltimore Sun reports, he had a hankering for banana pudding, so he rounded up a few of his teammates and went to Miss Carter's Kitchen, a soul food and seafood restaurant with locations in West Baltimore and downtown. But there was no banana pudding!

Cis Carter, the eponymous Miss Carter, was at the downtown location when she received a call from her nephew that there were a bunch of hungry football players, including Jackson, in her restaurant. At first she thought he was kidding. (Well, wouldn't you?) But finally she was convinced and headed over. "I was so nervous, I couldn't start my car," she told the Sun. (Completely understandable.)

Carter offered to whip up a batch of banana pudding for Jackson, but he had places to be, playoff games to prepare for. He said he would be back, though. And he and his teammates bought and ate $500 worth of food and posed for photos. So it was a good day overall for everyone. Except for the pudding part. But there will be more. Carter says she will make sure there's always a supply in the kitchen. And I sure hope Jackson makes good on his promise to return. As we all know, the offseason is long and there's nothing like some good comfort food for drowning your sorrows.