Komforte Chockolates' Savory Ramen And Tortilla Lime Chocolate Bars

The A.V. Club taste-tested Komforte Chockolates' Ramen Noodle bar a few years ago. So when we heard that the company had upped its game and added onion, garlic, and soy sauce to the bar to make it "savory," we knew we had to try it again. And because we asked so nicely, the company included some of their other bars in the care package it sent us. That's why, in the video above, we're reluctantly chowing down on bars that taste (or are supposed to taste) like not only savory ramen, maple syrup, and apple pie, but also include unpopped popcorn kernels and bits of lime-flavored tortilla chips. Delicious? Maybe. Watch the video and find out.