Kit Kat Club, Er, Kit Kat Flavor Club Now Accepting Members

I cannot help but notice some, shall we say, competitiveness in the comment section here about who has gotten to enjoy the most interesting Kit Kat flavors. Most of those flavors have come from Japan, where Kit Kats are manufactured by Nestle, not Hershey as they are in America.

As we've previously reported, over the past year Hershey has struggled mightily to catch up with Nestle's Kit Kat game. There has been a plethora of new flavors: Raspberry + Creme, Lemon Crisp, Birthday Cake, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Witch's Brew (aka marshmallow), and la crème de la crème, Mint + Dark Chocolate, plus the promise of Mocha + Chocolate in November.

Now Hershey's has announced the creation of the Kit Kat Flavor Club (not to be confused with the Kit Kat Klub from Cabaret), in which members will be invited to don velvet smoking jackets while they retreat to the back parlor and eat Kit Kats... No, no, sorry. I misspoke. The Kit Kat Flavor Club will consist of 200 lucky members, selected via sweepstakes, who will, over the course of the year, receive three boxes at regular intervals. These boxes will be filled with, as the press release puts it, "in-development products and club member swag." In exchange, the members will be asked to share their feedback about the new flavors. The first box, due to arrive sometime this fall, will contain the new Mocha + Chocolate, giving members the chance to try it before it arrives in stores.

Prospective members can enter here between now and next Tuesday, September 29. According to the rules, no one will be allowed to enter more often than once a day. So snap to it, and may the odds be ever in your favor.