KFC Decides To Wing It

Some might find it surprising that KFC didn't previously offer chicken wings. (Except for that time it did, briefly, back in 2012.) Wing lovers already have a slew of options, not just from the Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstops of the world, but at nearly every sports bar in America. Did a new chain really need to get in to the wing game? KFC seems to think so, as it adds four bone-in wing options to its permanent menu today.


In a press release, KFC says the wings will be available in orders of six ($5), 12 ($9.99), 24 ($18.99) or 48 ($36.99, and available for delivery only), either unsauced or tossed in Buffalo, Nashville Hot, or Honey BBQ sauces. As incentive for customers to try the new wings, KFC is offering free delivery on orders above $12 through kfc.com, Grubhub, and Seamless now through November 24—don't forget the side of coleslaw.

The wings promotion also includes a new commercial starring Sean Astin, the actor who famously starred in Rudy, reprising his role to shill KFC wings. I'll still be making my own come game day.