KFC's New Scoop-Of-Sides Policy Opens Door To Literal Mash-Ups

Heretofore, KFC's side dishes—mashed potatoes, corn, mac and cheese—were packaged in individual, lidded containers. If you order a bucket of Extra Crispy and a side of mac and cheese, KFC employees simply dropped the side container into your bagged order. But no more.

Nation's Restaurant News reports KFC will begin scooping those sides to order, which may not seem like a big deal until you consider the possibilities the new scoops offer: The sides could now be physically combined with other menu items. Hear it from KFC's head chef Bob Das, who tells NRN: "I think it will allow us to eventually plus up our sandwiches. So you might be able to get a mac-and-cheese chicken sandwich. Something decadent like that." (Editor's note: It's got a lot of catching up to improve upon this chicken sandwich.)

Our minds already reel. Mac and cheese on sandwiches! Its awesome coleslaw on sandwiches! Mashed potato-covered biscuits! Mashed potato-covered everything! Corn on top of mashed potatoes! We could create literal mash-ups. We don't expect the scoopable sides to change the majority of people's KFC orders. After all, the chain this month introduced mac and cheese bowls, which have the fried-chicken-plus-mac-and-cheese bases covered. But for those who dare to dream, to think outside the box lidded side-dish container, KFC is ready, spoons in hand.