KFC-Inspired Double Drown Turns Lobster Tail "Buns" Into A Patton Oswalt Bit

Today's made-for-the-internet grotesque food mashup comes courtesy of the London restaurant Burger & Lobster, whose owners took one look at their name and were struck by inspiration. This video from Food Insider shows the construction of the Double Drown, a riff on the belated KFC monstrosity, the Double Down. You may remember the latter being the sandwich in which buns were replaced with fried chicken cutlets, which hosted slices of bacon and a mayo-based sauce. Back then, the idea of that sandwich was supposed to invoke outrage and irony—only KFC ended up selling like 10 million of 'em. Now there are even rumors of its return to KFC stores.

The Lobster Double Drown is priced a bit more exclusively at $62, and is ostensibly two breaded and deep-fried lobster tails sandwiching bacon and cheese, alongside a lemon garlic butter sauce. Watch the video below to see it in action. Like the KFC Double Down, I will not react to this with shock and horror. Because it sounds freakin' delicious. Although perhaps not as delicious as this.