KFC's Got Something New To Lick Off All Sorts Of Fingers

What is a fast food joint, even, without its very own signature sauce? McDonald's has its world famous "top secret" Mac Sauce; Arby's has its piquant cups of creamy Horsey goodness; Taco Bell has those little Fire packets I keep in the pockets of all my jackets in case I run into a taco-related emergency. For KFC, that most magical of special sauces was the luscious mingling of the Colonel's 11 herbs and spices with golden, unctuous chicken fat that drips down your warm flesh and makes your body oh so finger lickin' good. Then a pandemic happened, and suddenly no one wanted to lick their hands anymore. Instead of melting down and having a full-blown identity crisis, the good people at KFC did some reflection on what sauce meant to them; now, after reportedly testing over 50 different formulas, the newest signature sauce has arrived at KFC, and this one can be licked off lots of different, non-finger things.

The new KFC Sauce claims to be both tangy, sweet, and smoky, and is joining a newly revamped core sauce lineup of Classic Ranch, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, and KFC Hot Sauce. Since licking these things off a chicken finger isn't quite as sexy as licking them off human flesh, the company sent out a press release with these extremely enticing ideas for 'KFCharcuterie' boards.

KFC Little Dipper: A snackable combination of KFC Extra Crispy™ Tenders and Secret Recipe Fries paired with your favorite dipping sauces – KFC Sauce, Classic Ranch, Honey BBQ and Honey Mustard.

Kentucky Game Night Trio: Kentucky Fried Buffalo Wings, KFC Extra Crispy™ Tenders and Secret Recipe Fries complemented by KFC Sauce, and grocery items like blue cheese, fresh celery and more.

Ultimate Family Fill Up: Featuring KFC's Extra Crispy™ Tenders Family Fill Up with Secret Recipe Fries, warm, flaky KFC biscuits, cole slaw, mashed potatoes and gravy topped off with our new dipping sauces and your favorite garnishes.

"On TikTok, videos associated with the hashtag #charcuterie have been viewed more than 224.8 million times," said KFC in a statement. "[M]any popular charcuterie creators have gained notoriety for their elaborate and mouthwatering creations." A sauce that's tasty and can make you notorious in the TikTok charcuterie space? What's not to love about that?