KFC Is Finger Lickin' Good Once More

One effect of the pandemic upon fast food, as noted by Wendy's in a March report, is that order sizes grew larger. This was likely an indicator that people were placing orders for the entire household, rather than just themselves as they commuted to the office—or that they were ordering extra in order to have leftovers, to minimize the amount of trips outside the home. Or hey, maybe both! Whatever the case, it's a trend that other fast food places are probably seeing as well. And that might be why KFC has made the decision to design a new bucket that has the reheating instructions for its fried chicken printed on it.

CNN reports that along with the debut of the new chicken buckets this summer, KFC is also reinstating its classic "Finger Lickin' Good" slogan, which was scuttled last year during the height of the pandemic, a time when we were supposed to do nothing with our fingers except lather them in soap. Between these announcements and the release of a pretty darn good chicken sandwich, 2021 has been a banner year for KFC so far.

In addition to reheating instructions, the new KFC buckets will also include "a brief blurb about the history of its fried chicken," says CNN. Maybe the chain figured people could use something for their eyes to wander over while they eat, like the word search on a cereal box. (Maybe the next redesign can feature a word search?) Most importantly, though, the buckets will still feature a sketch of the Colonel's floating head, because some conventions ought never to be messed with. The reheating instructions are useful, and more chains should follow KFC's lead in that regard, especially if we're all ordering enough fast food for seconds these days. If you need any further assistance in the fried-chicken-reheating department, you've come to the right place.