Keystone Light, Jimmy John's Combat American Housing Crisis

For many Americans right now, it's tough to even keep the cost of basic comforts of living in check. More than two thirds of all homes are unaffordable on an average income; debt remains a massive burden for scores of U.S. citizens; and unexpected expenses can quickly pull someone living paycheck-to-paycheck into the red. The current time calls for action from those with the ability to help, so here come a beer company and a chain of sub shops to pay your rent and buy you a house.

Of course, only a lucky few will be able to benefit from either. Earlier this month, Keystone Light kicked off the kind of beer promotion you can use in everyday life, promising 13 fans a $12,000 check for a year's free rent in exchange for online registration through either the giveaway's website or the beer's Snapchat. (You also need a keyword to enter once per day, which can be found in the fine print about the contest's rules.) There are also other prizes, including a so-billed "candelier," but as acknowledged by a Keystone brand manager in their press release, "These consumers are craving financial stability," the most satisfying of all contest giveaway rewards.

Meanwhile, Jimmy John's has thought even bigger, promising to move one winner into a house within a Jimmy John's delivery zone. After rejecting the temptations of third-party delivery earlier this year, Jimmy John's will instead relocate you somewhere closer to one of its shops, to the tune of up to $250,000, in a home of your choosing. You can enter into the company's sandwich housing program online.