Key Lime Pie M&M's Await Us On The Other Side Of This Upcoming Foul Winter

I live alone, which means I sometimes talk to my food. Yesterday, I found myself murmuring "Hello, sweet baby," to my afternoon graham cracker, which I think is probably fine. Now, I'm looking forward to whispering sweet nothings to a new snack: M&M's is releasing a Key Lime Pie flavor in 2021.


Instagram account @candyhunting initially spotted the new flavor, which had been covertly placed on the Meijer supermarket website and labeled as an Easter candy. The description on Meijer's website doesn't have a ton of information, although it is clear that the candies are made with white chocolate. To some, Ms. Green's presence on the packaging might suggest a hint of mint—but she is, in fact, holding a little slice of key lime pie that suggests it's lime time, baby.

There are two possibilities here: Either the M&M's have a white chocolate shell that encapsulates the key lime pie goodness, or they're made with a key lime pie shell that covers a white chocolate core. Either option is certainly acceptable.


The new flavor is the latest in a line of ramped-up M&M's products. The brand recently announced its new Mix bags, which will combine different flavors in one bag. We've also been blessed with Sugar Cookie M&M's, which are dropping just in time for the holiday season.

We don't know the exact date when the M&M's Key Lime Pie flavor might grace store shelves. However, its Easter candy status makes us think it'll pop up in stores sometime in early spring. All we have to do is trudge through the upcoming winter. In the meantime, I'll be gently nudging my snacks to make room for the newcomer in my little cabinet of curiosities. (My pantry. It's just my pantry.)