Kenosha, Wisconsin Hosted World's Laziest Beer Run

The 300 people who completed the Petrifying Springs Biergarten's 0.1-kilometer race this past weekend don't give a shit about your Marathon Finisher t-shirt.

Designed as the "the least athletic, most fun race ever," this 100-meter beer run took place St. Patrick's Day morning and benefited Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha.


According to Kenosha News, race organizer Mike Grab initially thought of a 5K charity run, but decided the distance would be "too much work." He found that 0.1K runs are actually popular, and have been held in Grand Rapids and East Lansing, Michigan. (We're sensing a Midwest theme here.)

The 0.1K race route featured stations distributing half-cups of beer and cheese balls, so take that, Gatorade.