Yes, Of Course Keanu Reeves Has Excellent Ice Cream Cone Technique

Is everything about the entire world stressing you out right now? Well, may we suggest watching a video of Keanu Reeves eating an ice cream cone?

Two eagle-eyed fans spotted the Matrix star happily licking a cone outside a Baskin-Robbins in Alameda, California, just outside Oakland. Their video, which they posted to Twitter, zooms in on Reeves, utterly solo, sitting on a concrete planter, legs daintily crossed at the ankles. "Isn't that Keanu Reeves?" we hear one fan ask. The Bay Area sunset makes John Wick's shoulder-length locks look even more glorious. (And then, after he finished his ice cream, he obligingly posed for a photo.)

Since we are The Takeout, we do have to take a moment to applaud Reeves' ice cream cone eating technique. The actor considers the cone thoughtfully, then goes in for a big, full-mouth lick. He works quickly; he knows well the consequences of leisurely cone consumption, the high potential for sticky, wasteful disaster. He knows immediate consumption is key so he's wise not to go back to his car; instead he opts for the planter directly outside of the strip mall Baskin-Robbins. It wasn't prime ice cream weather that afternoon in Alameda—mid-50s, albeit sunny—but we simply have to respect Keanu for getting an ice cream cone when he felt like getting an ice cream cone.

Okay, so we've got that covered. Now, the next time any of you see Keanu Reeves eating an ice cream cone alone, here's what to do: leave him the hell alone.