Kanye West's Team Fibbed To Get Him A Table At A Hot San Francisco Restaurant

One of West’s assistants booked a last-minute reservation for “a table of Noma people," erroneously name-dropping the Danish hot spot.

Celebrities: they're just like us. They walk their dogs, they put their pants on one leg at a time, and they sometimes struggle to book reservations at trendy eateries. Case in point: a recent snafu involving Kanye West and Nari, an acclaimed San Francisco Thai destination.


The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a member of West's team recently called Nari to book a last-minute reservation for six people. "It's going to be a table of Noma people," the person said, according to tweets from Nari owner Pim Techamuanvivit. The caller was referring to Danish chef René Redzepi's Michelin-starred gastronomic landmark, which made some Nari staffers think that Redzepi himself could be swinging by. "A couple (employees) were very, very fangirl-excited," Techamuanvivit told the Chronicle.

Lo, imagine the staff's disappointment when West walked through the door. "Some of the cooks were definitely disappointed it wasn't René," Techamuanvivit told the Chronicle. Techamuanvivit added that she normally wouldn't have tweeted about a celebrity sighting at her restaurant, but "It was funny that we were expecting René and it was Kanye." Of course, the Nari owner had to take the opportunity to have a little fun. Techamuanvivit tweeted that she dropped off the food herself and asked the table: "So, who works for my friend René?" Per Techamuanvivit's account, the woman who requested the table smiled and said, "He's not here."


The shameless grift worked, and the group reportedly feasted on some of Nari's most noteworthy dishes including gaeng rawang muan, a crispy roulade of chicken in green curry. "They were very normal, not loud, not demanding—just perfectly polite people happy to eat the food," Techamuanvivit told the Chronicle. "Definitely not what you might think of as rockstar people." Honestly, anything can happen when Kanye West's involved. I wouldn't be surprised if West unzipped his flesh like a jumpsuit, only for René Redzepi himself to step out. No rules when you're Kanye.