Kansas Couple Has Ordered Nearly The Same Texas Roadhouse Meal 6 Days A Week For 15 Years

Yesterday, we posed the question: Could you eat the same meal every day? Some of you noted the virtues of such a regimen: It's time-saving and potentially money-saving as well. There's a comfort in routine, in returning to the familiar. Stepping up today as the poster children for this idea: Ron and Diana Watson.


The Wichita, Kansas couple, married for 20 years, has eaten at the same Texas Roadhouse, in the same booth, and ordered nearly the same meal, six days a week since 2004. We give all credit to The Wichita Eagle for profiling the Watsons—please watch the charming video, shot in the Texas Roadhouse, of course—and their abiding love of onion-and mushroom-topped steak. The only reason they don't make the restaurant their destination a full seven nights a week is because by the time Diana gets off work on Sundays, Texas Roadhouse is too crowded. As if the management wouldn't accommodate the people who are likely their best customers.

Again, please read the full Wichita Eagle profile, which is replete with details:

  • Ron is a Vietnam veteran who only dines in restaurants that offer a military discount. Because he has symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, he finds his particular booth at Texas Roadhouse especially comforting.
  • Diana always orders a Wichita Brewing 5:02 Amber Ale.
  • The couple forgoes the restaurant's yeast rolls, to save calories.
  • Cheers to Ron and Diana Watson, inarguably the most regular of regulars.