Last Call: Can You Eat A Burrito Sideways?

Update, October 29: Gizmodo reports this morning that the viral "Justin Bieber" burrito photo was actually an elaborate prank by a group of YouTubers known as The Yes Theory. The setup involved flying in a Justin Bieber lookalike, and considerable wig work, as explained in this YouTube video:

Original October 25 post: As nearly everyone on the planet knows, Justin Bieber was first discovered on YouTube as a young teen, and has been under almost constant public scrutiny ever since. It seems incredible, but perhaps he just never sat down with anyone and learned the proper way to eat a burrito? And that's why this photo has spread like wildfire on Eater and elsewhere, showing what looks like the Biebs bypassing either end of the burrito and heading straight for the glorious middle. Maybe he doesn't care. This maybe-Justin wants to get to the good stuff fast; he has no time for that thick tortilla top and bottom. That whole thing is bound to fall apart at any moment, but he's (apparently) Justin Bieber. Someone else will likely clean his mess up. Although more recent posts are pointing to the possibility that this guy is not in fact Justin Bieber, in which case he's out of luck in the cleanup department. [Gwen Ihnat]

[Note: Gizmodo, like The Takeout, is owned by Univision Communications.]


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