Just Eat Some Watermelon, Okay?

Guess what? It's hot outside. Humid, too. And if you don't want to add another layer of heat to an already sticky summertime kitchen, you might just want to take advantage of the cooking that nature's already done for you. Just slice up and eat a dang watermelon. The whole thing, if you like.

This week on What's In The House?, The Takeout's quarantine cooking program, Stephanie not only tries to beat the heat, but gets a bit duped by online grocery ordering. Maybe you've been there, too: What does one pound of produce look like? Did you mean to place an order for one bunch of bananas and end up with one single, lonely banana? Are you consequently rooting around nearly bare cupboards trying to find a good snack on a hot day? Just slice up a watermelon and eat it plain, or use it as a base for a summer salad. And remember, there's always some good flavor left on the rind.