At Long Last, Julia Child Will Get The Big-Screen Biopic She Deserves

Julia Child feels like she's always been a part of our collective culinary consciousness. But her rise to prominence in the mid-20th century was unconventional: She was a middle-aged woman cooking sometimes unfamiliar French food for American audiences—to say nothing of her slight clumsiness and sense of humor. Though we've seen her on the big screen before, Julia Child will soon get the reverent, feminist-lens treatment she deserves, courtesy of a forthcoming film from directors Betsy West and Julie Cohen.

Variety reports West and Cohen chose to bring the Julia Child biopic to the screen after directing RBG, which led them on the hunt for "another female pioneer whose life warranted deeper exploration." No release date is set yet.

"She was larger than life, literally," West told Variety. "She was 6'2" or 6'3" and kind of clunky in a way, but also totally self-confident and funny and authentic, and people really responded to it."

Here's hoping this treatment of Child's life explores her as a nuanced person, an unlikely hero for many home cooks and anyone who fell well outside their profession's typical mold. We're also crossing our fingers for far more kitchen explosions than we found in Julie & Juliabut can we keep Meryl Streep involved?