Jonathan Van Ness Does A Little SodaStream ASMR To Make Your Holiday Even More Gorgeous

I feel like the last year-and-a-half of my Instagram feed has been defined by the Fab Five's unrelenting sponcon campaigns. They haven't even been famous for two years—can you believe?—but these folks are presumably making bank with spon after spon after spon. Capitalism is crazy. Anyway, the latest ad from the Queer Eye crew is actually a pretty delightful one: it's Jonathan Van Ness doing ASMR for SodaStream.

For their holiday campaign, the hairdresser and podcast host extraordinaire makes a gin and soda (I think?) into ASMR mics. We've got the sound of the SodaSteam fizzing, the crunch of the cucumber, the pour of the soda water over cubes, the zesting of a lemon. The whole idea is that SodaStream helps you relax during the holidays — presumably because it's an easy way to make a drink. Apparently ASMR is still a thing, because JVN says so.

We also finally get an ASMR sound we've all been asking for: the sound of Van Ness' hair. "That's my hair in the ASMR mic," he says after cascading his locks over the mic. "We've peaked." It's a fun video because Jonathan is a treasure, but I gotta be honest, his energy is more comedic than soothing. But laughing is also a relaxing thing! So, fine JVN, you win.

This is fun and clever advertising, but let's get real: Cardi B remains the ASMR queen.