John Lithgow Haunted By Great British Baking Show Appearance, Will Never Be The Same

Updated May 22, 2019: This post contains details on the first episode of The Great Stand Up To Cancer Bake Off, which aired its first episode on Tuesday, March 5 and has not yet aired in the U.S.

It's been months since John Lithgow shot his Great British Baking Show appearance, which utterly charmed the fine people of Britain and of which we Yanks can, as yet, only dream. Lithgow appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon this week and spoke about his time on the show, and it is well worth a watch. (Skip to around :30 seconds to get right to the GBBO stuff.)

Lithgow, who describes himself "a mediocre baker," calls the experience (playfully, it's worth noting), "one of the great traumas of my life." We also get another look at that notorious Swiss roll, which he terms "a tiger's turd," and then he does a Prue Leith impression. A delight. Hurry the hell up, Netflix!

Original story, March 7, 2019: What do we want?

John Lithgow baking a cake version of himself playing Winston Churchill in The Crown!

When do we want it?

Now! (Seriously, it's been a long 2019, we want this ASAP, TY.)

Bless Radio Times for sharing some details about this series of Great British Bake Off (called Great British Baking Show in the U.S., where it airs on Netflix) specials, which sees celebrities don aprons in the big tent and raise money and awareness for a good cause. They both rise and raise dough, get it?

In the first episode, one of the four celebrities is Mr. John Lithgow, American treasure and former Winston Churchill (on The Crown, also a Netflix joint). He has a rough go of things, but while he may not win Star Baker, it sure looks like he won a lot of hearts.

Mr. Lithgow made a very flat Swiss Roll.

He did a Yoda voice, as seen above. He made that gingerbread The Crown scene, and accidentally did wrong by Her Majesty.

Can't you just hear him saying that in his John Lithgow voice?

We reached out to Netflix to find out when we can expect this to air in the U.S., but have not heard back yet. In the meantime, we'll just be charmed, once again, by Mr. Lithgow—and we'll tide ourselves over with The Big Family Cooking Showdown.