Joe Biden Plays Beer Fairy To Pennsylvania Fire Station

Joe Biden has a good team working around him. With today's campaign visit to a Shankesville, Pennsylvania volunteer fire station, the presidential candidate was able to prove that he keeps his promises—by presenting firefighters with the beer he promised them eight years ago.

Timothy Burke posted about the incident on Twitter, complete with a video showing the moment that Biden gifted the delighted first responders with a heap of cold ones:

After the beers came a series of fist bumps, the campaign trail handshake of the COVID age. Burke points out that in Pennsylvania, "Getting beer is not exactly a last-minute's notice deal," thanks to the state's rigid laws about where and when liquor is allowed to be sold. The stunt obviously took a bit of coordination, and that coordination is what turns run-of-the-mill schmoozing into a golden opportunity photo op.

"This is no malarkey: If you come to the White House, I will buy you a beer," Biden told members of the fire department back in 2012 (credit to Burke for directing readers to a video of this promise). When you are promised free beer by someone who might become the most powerful man on earth, it's not something you forget easily. Maybe the best way to decide who should be president is not by voting for the person you'd most like to have a beer with, but by voting for whomever supplies you with the most beer.