Jimmy John's Driver Delivers Man To Hospital After Wrong-Number Call

Continuing the heartwarming trend of benevolent delivery drivers, Jimmy John's driver Zach Hillmer recently drove a suffering Army veteran to the hospital after the man's sister called the sandwich shop by accident. As The Washington Post describes, Lisa Nagengast was trying to call her brother Greg's case worker after Greg told her over the phone that he was suffering intense pain and paralysis following back surgery, but couldn't afford an ambulance. Rushing around an airport miles away, she misdialed Jimmy John's instead of Greg's case worker.

Jason Voss, the 19-year-old manager at Jimmy John's, heard Lisa Nagengast's request and said, "I was pretty sure she had no idea it was Jimmy John's... I didn't think I needed to say anything. It didn't seem relevant at that moment." Instead of clearing things up, Voss decided that it was more important to immediately get Greg the help he needed. Driver Hillmer, a veteran himself, called Lisa Nagengast back to get Greg's address and only then did she realize that her brother was being transported by a good-hearted Jimmy John's driver. Greg received the care he needed at the hospital, and was sent home in a hospital-funded cab.

The Post says that Voss has been interviewed several times since the incident, and he is happy to spread the word. "People feel like they need something, anything good right now... Something like this is really small, but if it helps people, that's good." That's definitely true, as stories like this one are a good reminder for all of us to help out when we can.