Jimmy Fallon Picks Up $1,100 Restaurant Tab For Some Nice, Rich-Ass People

It's always nice when a celebrity gives back. Like when T.I. decided to pay for a year of lunches for a student who got her lunch dumped in the trash by an outstanding cafeteria worker. Or when Jimmy Fallon picked up the tab for the rich-ass people sitting next to him in a fancy-ass restaurant.

Fallon and his wife, producer Nancy Juvonen, were having dinner in a Hamptons restaurant on Monday. Enzo Lentini, the general manager of Il Mulino, told Newsday that two couples were seated at an adjacent table, and they "couldn't believe it—they were, like, two feet away... They wanted to jump out of their skin. But they were cool—they didn't want to interrupt him." So they just sat there and ate their fancy-ass food like normal people.

Lentini told Newsday that Fallon noticed their discretion, and rather than reward them with a nice affectionate tousle-of-the-hair, "He went up to them said, 'I appreciate you guys not wanting to disturb us. I knew you wanted to say hello.' So he picked up the tab. With tip it was $1,136." A spokesperson for Fallon confirmed the story to Newsday.

Lentini also told the publication that "restaurant was unusually busy for a Monday because of the Hampton Classic Horse Show that began Sunday and continues through this weekend in nearby Bridgehampton," so it was a banner night for all.

A review of the restaurant in The East Hampton Star calls Il Mulino "big, expensive, efficient, and very good," praising the $75 osso bucco as well as the service:

There were also what seemed like at least 10 other people swarming about the table, whisking away empty (and almost empty) plates and glasses, crumbing the tablecloth, replenishing waters and utensils. When Jimmy Fallon bounded onto the porch for his early bird dinner with his wife, I figured the swarm would immediately move in his direction, but our service continued to be very attentive.

We don't know anything about the nice rich people who let Jimmy Fallon dine in peace. They are probably kind, well-meaning rich people and a free meal is a free meal, even when it's a $1,100 free meal. And that is all we shall say about that.