It's Skippy Vs. Jif In The Battle Of The Squeezable Peanut Butter Pouches [Updated]

Update, June 8, 2020: Turns out Jif isn't the only contender in the "peanut butter you can dispense directly into your open mouth" game. Skippy has announced its own trio of new products launching nationwide this month: Added Protein Peanut Butter in squat jars; No Sugar Added peanut butter spread; and the peanut de résistance, Squeeze Peanut Butter. According to a press release, the latter comes in a 6-oz. squeeze pouch "specifically designed for portability." This might indeed provide more versatility than Jif's 13-oz. pouch for hikers, travelers, or those who generally enjoy their peanut butter on the go. Skippy's version also comes in two varieties, both Original and Natural (both Creamy). Where Jif's squeeze pouch has a ketchup-like cap, Skippy's pouches have a nozzle akin to children's applesauce. But no matter which brand you go for, you're guaranteed an efficient peanut butter delivery system that doesn't let an ounce go to waste.

Original post, June 1, 2020: We at The Takeout field PR emails for new fast food items and grocery products all the livelong day, but not every debut is worth informing the public about with all due haste. Today, however, we received one that feels important, one that promises a solution to an age-old problem that both I and others have tried to brainstorm solutions for: Jif has announced the release of Jif Squeeze Creamy Peanut Butter, rolling out to grocery stores nationwide this July.

If you are a dog owner, your first thought might be, Oh, it's sort of like Kong Easy Treat, but for humans. But a press release from Jif highlights the many benefits of the new squeezable product: easy portion control, whether you're snacking or measuring out ingredients in recipes; simplified Ants On A Log preparation (yes, this was specifically called out in the press release); and increased ability for young children to serve themselves without making a mess. Beyond these, I'm curious to know if the pouches would be more ideal for those with mobility and/or strength issues who might have difficulty opening jars. Plus, these pouches could have great baking applications—namely, the ability to write "Happy Birthday" in peanut buttery cursive atop a cake or pie (or pancake).

The one issue with this model seems to be unit size. I buy the 4-lb. tub of peanut butter whenever possible, because I consume peanut butter every day (okay, every hour) of my life. I don't want to think about how quickly I would run through a 13-oz. pouch of this stuff. Also, there's no crunchy option available in the new squeezable format. But for those low on cabinet space, or pancake decorators, or parents of children who can't be trusted not to lick the blade of the butter knife after scooping a hefty swipe of peanut butter out of the jar, Jif Squeeze just might have massive appeal.