This Joe Exotic Mugshot Pizza Sounds Better Than It Looks

I haven't seen Tiger King, the Netflix docuseries that's been the saving grace of bored isolators nationwide since its debut back in March. But much like those who are disinterested in the Star Wars franchise (extremely me) or the Harry Potter universe (extremely not me), I've absorbed the broad strokes of this off-the-wall true crime story by osmosis, understanding that heretofore unknown vocabulary terms like "Carole Baskin" tend to elicit a most passionate response. For all the secondhand knowledge I've gained about this series, though, I'm nevertheless at a loss to understand most of the words in this local New Jersey pizzeria's Facebook post about their new Tiger King–themed pizza, Dough Exotic (I do get the pun):

The clarification at the end of the description is much appreciated. It's a square pie with prosciutto, vodka sauce, mozzarella, and balsamic honey. Sounds pretty good! And barring the flash-in-the-pan phenomenon that is Joe Exotic, the tiger-print pizza would probably be a year-round draw even among customers without a Netflix subscription. It just looks pretty neat. Turning a tiger-striped pie into a mugshot, meanwhile, is maybe overly ambitious, and I don't think I have to be familiar with the series to consider this poor taste. But if Carole Baskin really did try to stop them from making it (a dubious claim; doesn't she live in Florida or something?), that's publicity you can't buy.