Of Course Jason Momoa Has A Life Hack For Girl Scout Cookies

On the Oscars red carpet, you have to be ready for the hard-hitting questions, like "Who are you wearing?" and "What about those Girl Scout cookies named after you?" As reported last week, savvy Colorado Girl Scout Charlotte Holmberg re-marketed a certain brand of cookies as "Momoa Samoas," using the Aquaman star's shirtless photo on the familiar purple boxes. She noted, "The moms are getting really excited." At the Oscars Sunday night, Jason Momoa himself finally responded to this popular cookie while being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight.

When asked about Holmberg's enterprise, Momoa told ET, "I love Girl Scout cookies! I was waiting to get some free ones. I'd love some." His wife Lisa Bonet joked, "I think he just wants his cut." Shockingly, though, Momoa's favorite Girl Scout cookies are not the ones that rhyme with his name. In fact, he even made a face when the ET hosts suggested that the Girl Scout send him some. Turns out, Momoa is a Trefoils man: "I want the shortbread—and then you put those in the freezer and that's the best way." Momoa knows the correct way to serve Girl Scout cookies.

In other news, Momoa was in fact wearing a Fendi velvet pink tuxedo that wonderfully matched Bonet's gown. ET also dubbed the pink scrunchie Momoa wore on his right wrist the Oscar night's "best accessory."