Take 75 Packaged Curries And What Do You Get? Nothing Less Than The King Of Curries

It's easy to feel overwhelmed in the packaged curry aisle of an Asian grocery store. So many different kinds of curries! Japanese! Indian! Thai! Malaysian! Mild! Hot! Mildly hot! How can you choose just one?

A Japanese journalist named Ahiru Neko decided choosing was futile. So he bought all the curries—75 of them!—and prepared them in one day. And then, reports his employer, SoraNews24, "he gazed out at the landscape of his kingdom of curry while feeling a deep satisfaction in his heart and a pungent aroma in his nostrils."

But was Ahiru Neko content with that? No, he was not.

"But while he obviously felt a nearly irresistible temptation to just start eating right then and there, Ahiru Neko's ultimate goal was, remember, to find the curry kingdom's its one and true king by mixing all of them together."

So he dumped all 75 curries into a single (very large) pot, mixing and reheating as he went. The result was something he modestly called The King of Curries. (Which is much more reassuring than a "suicide," when you do the same thing with every drink in the soda fountain.) He ladled a sample onto a plate with a scoop of rice. Then he and two colleagues took a taste.

While instant curry in Japan is tasty enough, it's really more of an "in a pinch" or "too lazy to cook" kind of meal. Sure, it tastes good, but it's generally a simple, basic flavor without much in the way of complexity.

This King of Curries, though, is amazingly complex, with the initial flavor on the tongue transitioning to something else entirely by the time you get to the aftertaste.

It sounds magical! But SoraNews24 adds that it can't recommend this project in good conscience because of the prohibitive cost of 75 packaged curries (not to mention a giant stockpot to mix them all). But then again, if you have a very large family, or if you won't be able to leave the house for a month, perhaps it's a worthy investment?