Jacques Pépin Is One-Quarter Of The Way To An EGOT

You can keep your white noise machines and your ocean sounds. When I want to feel comforted and peaceful and relaxed, I listen to British people reading audiobooks and watch Jacques Pépin make omelets.

That, as they say, is some good shit right there. Tranquil. Informative. Delicious. Emmy-worthy.

It would seem that the folks at the National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences agree, because this week it was announced that Chef Pépin will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime Creative Arts Emmys on May 3. From the press release announcing the award:

"Daytime television has been forever changed by the culinary efforts of Jacques Pépin," said David Michaels, senior vice president and executive producer of the Daytime Emmy Awards. "Pépin's body of work helped inspire not just millions of cooks at home, but also the myriad staples of culinary television we now see."

Variety notes that Pépin is "the first in his genre to be recognized with this award." That said, he's not the first chef to pick up an Emmy. The Daytime Emmys give out an award for best culinary program, and other chefs have won Emmys for hosting and producing series. Julia Child won three—one Primetime Emmy in 1966 for The French Chef, and two Daytime Emmys. One of those is shared with Pépin, for Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home.

Pépin has anchored several series over the years, including The Complete Pépin, from whence that omelet video springs. And here he is deboning a chicken on Heart & Soul, one of his more recent shows:

Pépin isn't the only longtime TV icon getting a Lifetime Achievement Daytime Emmy this year. Judge Judy Sheindlin is getting one, too.

Anyway, maybe make a nice omelet today in his honor, and let's all start brainstorming the best way for the man to win himself a Tony, ASAP.