$400K Worth Of Jack Daniel's Flooded A Tennessee Highway

A semi truck dumped the liquor after overturning on the interstate.

The American people have barely recovered from the Leinenkugel beer spill that struck Interstate 94 last month. Now, just in time for the holidays, we've got another highway coated in booze: last Wednesday, a semi transporting $400,000 worth of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey overturned as the driver entered a Tennessee interstate.

The Murfreesboro Police Department shared the news in a Facebook post. Per the post, the load of whiskey was picked up in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and was heading to Nashville for shipping. The truck overturned as the driver turned onto the interstate; however, the whiskey didn't actually start leaking until the trailer was being pulled upright by a wrecker. At that point, the truck sprang a leak. (It appears that the product hadn't yet been packaged in bottles; it was being shipped in liquid bulk, which likely led to the catastrophic nature of the spill.)

As with any overturned truck incident—and we've reported on many—there's good news and bad news here. The good news is that the truck driver was not injured, although I'd imagine that the driver was heartily embarrassed after tippin' over that load. The bad news is that no locals were around to lap the product off the pavement, creating whiskey waste of epic proportions.

The incident was cleaned up relatively quickly; still, that didn't stop locals from offering to assist via the police department's Facebook post. "HOT DIGGITY! I'm volunteering on THIS cleanup! ON MY WAY GUYS!," wrote one enthusiastic commenter on the post. "Should have allowed folks to bring their own shot glasses!," wrote another. Another commenter even suggested a new cocktail: "Jack on the Asphalt."

Finally, a commenter named Denise wrote, "If ya see me lickin the street.. Mind yo bizness!" Love you, Denise. Happy Thanksgiving, Denise. Sorry, Jack Daniel's!