Last Call: I've Actually Never Tried Instant Ramen

You know me; I love a good Twitter thread. Today's was kicked off by photographer Paul Clarke, who wants to know:

The question kicked off a bunch of interesting and improbable answers, from "never eaten an apple raw" to "never drunk a cup of tea" to "never driven a car." Of course this kicked off my own personal query, most of which revolved around illicit drugs I've never tried and fancy cocktails I've never drunk (never have I ever tripped on hallucinogens or had a straight-up martini).

But I have something in common with a person who posted that they've never eaten ramen: Neither have I! Oh, I've been surrounded by those little square packages for most of my life, in the ramshackle house I shared in college and now my current home, where we usually have a stash on hand for my picky eater daughter. There's just nothing about that brick of noodles and seasoning packet that ever appealed to me. I'm not exactly proud of this for any reason, and am no stranger to low-cost food—but I'd much rather have tin of spaghetti (a childhood favorite of mine for some reason, with lots of parmesan from the green can) or a Marie Callender's than a ramen packet.

So there's my totally normal thing I've never done. What's yours?