It's Pizza Week At The Takeout

There are few foods that we talk about more than pizza here at The Takeout. And that's because it's a food in which we see a lot of ourselves: it can be dressed up or down, it can appeal to almost anyone as long as it has the right toppings, and it exists only to make the recipient's day a little better. We spend a whole lot of time thinking about pizza, and now we want to concentrate on pizza's virtues all week long.

Tomorrow, February 9, is National Pizza Day. But a single day just didn't seem like enough time to properly celebrate a food that has made our lives immeasurably more fun. So each day this week we'll be featuring stories, recipes, and advice to get you in a pizza state of mind, an elevated state of being you're sure to enjoy as much as we do. Will this pizza coverage be exhaustive? Absolutely not. But that just gives us an excuse to make Pizza Week an annual event. Please enjoy our upcoming ventures into sauce, cheese, and bread.