It's Canada Week At The Takeout

Monday, October 12 is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, and we have to hand it to Canadians for making that decision. Not only is it more spaced out from the December holidays for better feast coverage throughout the year, but also, can you imagine if the United States ingeniously placed a day of family celebrations before Election Day, providing a distraction to quell our nerves (and affording us all just a bit more time to try in vain to convince loved ones to change their vote)? Anyway, Canadian Thanksgiving is worth celebrating here in the United States, too, and we'll be doing that all week long with Canada Week.

We worked with many talented writers on this crop of stories, some who have lived in Canada their whole lives and some who have only passed through as travelers, but all of whom understand and appreciate what makes the country unique. Food, as you might guess, is a huge part of that. So gather around the table and enjoy a week of learning all about the culinary traditions (and Timbits) of 40 million of our closest neighbors. You'll be glad you stopped by.