Is There Such A Thing As A Too-Dirty Martini?

It's Friday. Time for another bonus cocktail edition of What's In The House? in which Stephanie raids her aunt and uncle's liquor cabinet to whip up a weekend-heralding beverage or two. Today's mixology course is a lesson in crafting the perfect dirty martini.

Like most cocktails worth your time, the martini is a drink and a snack all in one. Take advantage of the fact that you're at home and don't have to convey your embarrassing order to a bartender—plunk three, maybe six olives into your martini if you're feeling it. Use a jigger to measure out the shots if you have one; it'll provide the feeling of following a precise recipe. And of course, feel free to make it as dirty as you want...but maybe don't add so much brine that the drink turns opaque.