Is Kelly Ripa's Gigantic PB&J Birthday Cake A Sandwich?

There are concepts that intrigue us here at The Takeout. Is there such a thing as too much pepperoni on a pizza? Do we eat soup or do we drink soup? Is Milwaukee-style pizza a thing? What's bologna? But nothing, nothing has captured our imagination, nay, consumed our minds so much as the question of what, exactly, constitutes a sandwich. And today, we are perplexed by this cake.

The cake in question, created by pastry chef Michael Lechowicz of Brooklyn's Charlotte Patisserie, was made of pound cake, peanut butter, and strawberry jelly (per People). It has a bottom layer, filling in the middle, and a top layer. It was given to Kelly Ripa in honor of her 48th birthday.

Luckily, we have the perfect resource at hand. A source of wisdom and good. An undeniable authority on the subject.

We beg you, tell us: Is this giant freakin' PB&J cake a sandwich?

Normally, this is where the interview would go, but this time around, answers will go in the comments. Instead, we offer several points for you to consider.

  • Is pound cake an acceptable "bread"?
  • What baked goods can be used as the sandwiching element of a sandwich?
  • Does size matter here? If something is so large it must be sliced and shared, is it no longer a sandwich? If so, does that make those giant party subs not sandwiches?
  • Again, on size, if the vastness of this creation is a concern, would a giant grilled cheese sandwich also no longer be a sandwich? If not, what is it?
  • Can a cake also be a sandwich?
  • Can a sandwich also be a cake?
  • Are all sandwiches savory?
  • Is a macaron a sandwich?
  • What about a breakfast sandwich made with donuts?
  • What about two pieces of bread with frosting in the middle and a birthday candle on top?
  • What if, instead of peanut butter and jelly, this thing were filled with hot dogs?
  • We await your response.