Mysterious Entrepreneur Pilots Discount Meat Van

Authorities are asking for information on the enterprising Massachusetts man.

Ah, the American dream: if you keep your head down, hustle hard, and identify a hole in the market, you might just make a name for yourself. If that hole in the market involves peddling discounted raw meat in a conspicuous van, more power to you. Unfortunately, that particular hole in the market has been filled by a mysterious Westfield, Massachusetts meat entrepreneur. (Meatpreneur?)

Massachusetts news outlet WWLP reports that the Westfield Police are looking to speak with the unnamed meatpreneur (we'll stick with that, our new favorite made-up word), who drives a white van adorned with an American flag logo. The van is reportedly filled with discounted raw meat, which the man sells to Westfield area residents. He probably would've gotten away with it, too, but unfortunately for him, some concerned neighbors called the police and clued them into the operation.

The neighbors reportedly emailed the police with a video captured on their Ring security camera, which shows the man ringing the doorbell and making his pitch. "Hey man, how are you doing?," the salesman asks in the video. "Quick question, sorry to bother ya, I just finished up my, my deliveries for the day in Westfield, I got some extra orders. Want any steak half price? I got like filets, strips, like four for $5 a cut."

There's no word on where, exactly, the man acquires his discounted meats. Does he patrol the supermarket butcher section in hopes of snagging a good deal? Did he... slaughter... something? Either way, WWLP notes that the police issued a "be on the look out" notice in hopes of connecting with the traveling meat salesman, who is not legally registered to sell meat products in the City of Westfield. If concerned residents encounter the man, police ask that they call in to report him. Do you have the guts to rat out the discount meat man?