Iowa Man Spends $3,000 On Trick-Or-Treat Candy—can We Have His Address, Please?

An Iowa man who loves Halloween—like, loves—has decided to turn his joy for the holiday into an excuse to give away a lot of candy. So much candy. The technical term for this amount of candy is probably "a whole shit-ton of candy." The man spent $3,000 on candy. Yes yes, we are definitely too old to go trick or treating, but that won't stop a handful of sugar-hungry food writers from dreaming, will it?

The Des Moines Register reports that Barry Highland of Carlisle, Iowa also spent $7,000 on Halloween decorations this year, including a new hearse he says took six weeks to build. His yard display, which takes him a month to set up each year, includes some $70,000 worth of decorations. "Some people have Christmas," writes the Register. "Barry Highland has Halloween."

It's also his birthday.

It's impossible for us to be even a little grumpy about this story. Highland—who drives a truck for Papa John's as his day job—just loves Halloween so much!

Check this:

Highland says he tries to keep the decorations tame enough to not scare young trick-or-treaters.

"If we see a kid too scared because of the animated monsters, I'll scoop up a big bucket full of candy and carry it out to them," he said. "I just don't want them to miss out. Too many people have forgotten what fun is. And this is fun."

That's nice, huh? Happy Halloween, everybody.