Last Call: Bernie Eats A Corn Dog And Other Food Highlights From Iowa

The night of the Iowa Caucuses has finally arrived, which means that tomorrow the Democratic candidates (plus their spouses, their children, and Elizabeth Warren's dog Bailey) will flee the state for further campaigning in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and the nation will pay no more attention to Iowa until 2024. Before we move on, though, let's enjoy some photos of the candidates pretending (some with more success than others) to be regular folks enjoying down-home Midwestern food.

Here is Bernie Sanders eating a corn dog:

Here are some Bernie cookies made by devoted fans in Cedar Rapids. (If you were Bernie, could you bring yourself to eat one?):

Here is Elizabeth Warren in a brewery:

Here is Julián Castro grilling chicken fajitas on Warren's behalf:

Here is Joe Biden delivering pizza (but not taco pizza):

Here is Amy Klobuchar foregoing her beloved hot dish for spaghetti on bread, because politics sometimes requires compromise:

Here is Pete Buttigieg bravely eating a BLT meatball wrapped in bacon:

Here are Andrew Yang and his birthday cake:

Here is Tulsi Gabbard grilling beef:

Here is Michael Bennet (the guy on the right) grilling pork:

Here is Tom Steyer drinking water because billionaires are too busy to eat actual food:

But he is outdone by Michael Bloomberg, who is too busy even to drink his water. For God's sake, Mike, hydrate!